Steal This Pamphlet

1. Get it in writing!

  • Verbal/oral agreements are difficult to prove and even more difficult to enforce.
  • Leases and any changes to leases should always be in writing and each party should keep a copy.
  • 2. Get insurance!

  • Auto insurance – it’s the law.
  • Renter’s insurance – protects your stuff and the cost is low! The landlord is NOT an insurer of your personal items.
  • 3. Don’t pay that ticket until you talk to a lawyer!

  • It’s NOT true that all tickets can be beat, but many times an attorney can help you find a better choice than a conviction on your driving record.
  • When two or more tickets are issued in the same traffic stop, sometimes one of them could possibly be dismissed.
  • 4. Don’t lend money you can’t afford to live without!

  • Most loans between friends, acquaintances and romantic partners are never paid back and difficult to enforce in court.
  • If a friend needs $500 or $1,000 to pay the late rent or overdue bills, what makes you think you’ll be paid back?
  • 5. If it sounds too good to be true… it is!

  • Prizes, internet inheritances, internet lottery winnings – DELETE these email scams immediately.
  • If someone is trying to sell you a “good” used car “as is”, you can be sure it will have lots of problems. Have it checked out by a mechanic before you put any money down.
  • 6. Protect your Credit Record.

  • Don’t purchase what you can’t afford to pay off in 3 months or less.
  • Check your bank account and credit card statement every month for errors; millions are made by cheats because people don’t want to dispute 3¢ added to a debit/charge.
  • 7. What you “think” you know can hurt you.

  • “The cop lied to me so the charges can be beat.”
  • = Cops can lie. It is YOU who must tell the truth, so keep your mouth shut!
  • “If I don’t move in after signing the lease, I am out of the contract.”
  • = NO!! Not on this planet!

    8. There are no stupid questions.

  • Are SLS attorneys “real attorneys”?
  • Yes! But our feelings are not hurt if you think we’re young enough to be student-attorneys!
  • Can I cancel my lease within three days of signing?
  • NO!! Once you sign the contract/ lease, you are bound by its terms.

    9. “I’ll never need an attorney!”– Famous last words.

  • Over 2,000 students each year need a Student Legal Service attorney in addition to countless students using private attorneys.
  • “My Mom is an attorney.” Do you really want mom to know about your underage drinking ticket? Attorney-client privilege forbids sharing your information without your written permission.
  • 10. There are people at the University who care!

    Campus Resources

    Student Legal Service
    324 Illini Union Office of Dean of Students/Emer- gency Deangency Dean

    • 300 Turner Student Services Building
    • 217-333-0050
    New Student Programs
    • 300 Turner Student Services Building
    • 217-333-4057
    LGBT Concerns Office
    • 323 Illini Union
    • 217-244-8863
    Office of International Students and Scholar Servicesand Scholar Services
    • 400 Turner Student Services Building
    • 217-333-1303
    Counseling Center
    • 212 Turner Student Services Building
    • 217-333-3704

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