Passport to SLS

Available Services

  • Tenant/Housing issues
  • Traffic tickets, Accident, Insurance
  • City Ordinance Violation Tickets
  • Certification of photocopies of IDs for Ameren and emailing them
  • Misdemeanor charges
  • Notarization and Certification services (not for the IRS for Form W-7 ITIN application)
  • Small Claims
  • Consumer issues
  • Student Conduct (Consultation only)
  • Name Changes
  • Expungement

To make an appointment

Go to SLS website: and follow the instructions.


Certification & Notarization

Student Legal Service offers two services for documents. If you need to sign a document and have your identity and signature witnessed, this is NOTARIZATION.

  1. Fill out the “Notary or Certification intake form online
  2. Bring your unsigned document and your picture ID that has your signature, such as driver license, State ID, Passport, or other government-issued ID to the SLS office.

If you need a document authenticated, such as a transcript of grades, an electric bill, a copy of your passport ID page, your U.S. Visa page, your I-20, etc., this is CERTIFICATION.
  1. Fill out the “Notary or Certification intake form online.
  2. Bring your ORIGINAL documents (NOT copies) to them SLS office. You must leave them with SLS.
  3. When the certifications are ready, SLS will email you

This may take up to a week, or longer for many pages.

To get Electric Service(Ameren)

If you are going to live in an apartment or house where you need electric or gas service: Ameren, the power company, will require you to fax or email “notarized” copies of your IDs to start service. Student Legal Service can help you.

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out and submit the intake form.
  3. Bring your ORIGINAL IDs (Passport or other) to the Student Legal Service office.
  4. SLS will fax or email everything to Ameren

Traffic Ticket

Student Legal Service can represent you with traffic tickets issued in CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, only. Attorneys can give general advice for tickets in other counties and may be able to assist in finding private attorney referrals, if necessary.
Common Services:
Traffic Tickets in Champaign County

  • 26-34mph over limit is a Class B Misdemeanor
  • 35+mph over limit is a Class A Misdemeanor
Conviction on these may show on background check.

Paying multiple tickets can cause “Suspension”

  • Under 21 years old, 2 tickets in 24 months
  • Over 21, 3 tickets in 12 months.
  • Letting someone use your license as an ID, for example, to get in a bar

Traffic Accident

SLS assists students with traffic accidents:

  • when the other driver/pedestrian/bicyclist is NOT a UIUC student
  • when there are no claims for injuries, pain and suffering
  1. Fill out the “Traffic Ticket or Accident” intake on the SLS website
  2. Bring your ticket(s), accident report, exchange of driver information, Proof of Insurance, to the SLS office.
  3. Select an appointment to come back and meet with an SLS attorney

Driving in Illinois

See “Especially for International Students” section of our website, , for more information.
Driver License Required

  • You cannot legally drive alone with a learner permit.
  • You do not have to get an Illinois driver license if you have a current, valid driver license from your home state or country.
  • Illinois does not recognize the International Driver License.
  • To get a regular Illinois driver license you must have a Social Security Number (SSN).
  • If you do not have and cannot get an SSN, you can apply for a Temporary Visitor Driver License (TVDL).
    • You must be able to prove you have been living in Illinois for one year.
    See our brochure, “Driving in Illinois” on

    For International Students

    Top five student actions that may cause removal/deportation from the U.S.A
    A plea of guilty or conviction for:
    • Domestic violence
    • Theft, shoplifting, fraud, or deception
    • Nearly all felonies which always carry a sentence of one year or more in jail.
    • Assault and battery
    • Illegal drug offense (marijuana and other controlled substances)

    A conviction or a plea of guilty in Court for any of these offenses is not required for deportation if there are substantial facts to establish guilt or a bsis for the charge that carries the potnetial of a year or more in jail. However, the immigrating agency would have to conduct a hearing before any action is taken.

    Actions That Will Likely Prevent You From Returning to the U.S.A

    1. You fail to pay a minor U.S. traffic ticket or appear in Court before you leave the U.S. An arrest warrant is issued, which may exclude you from return to the U.S.
    2. Convictions in the U.S. for offenses involving “moral turpitude”, such as bodily harm, sexual assault, prostitution, drug sales, fraud, and theft, among others. You can have one conviction like this if the possible sentence is less than one year, and you do not serve more than six (6) months in jail.
    3. Conviction in your home country for offenses involving moral turpitude, such as bodily harm, sexual assault, prostitution, drug sales, fraud, and theft, among others.

    Excluded Services

    SLS cannot advise or mediate in Student-vs-Student situations. No exceptions. Also.

    • Bankruptcy
    • Business issues, profit or non-profit, start-ups
    • Claims against or issues with the University of Illinois or the State of Illinois
    • Contingent Fee Matters, Personal Injury
    • Felonies
    • Wills or Trusts
    • Passport, Visa, Immigration Issues: green cards, changing visa status, employment, OPT
    • Tax / Income tax issues
    • Income–Producing activities
    • I-9 forms – we cannot accept designation to complete these for your employer. No exceptions.
    • Family issues: Divorce, Separation, Custody, Child Support, etc
    • Courtroom Representation out- side Champaign County
    • Real Estate (other than land- lord-tenant)