Student Legal Services

Who is eligible?

All students who are enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign who have been assessed the Service Fee (at least 6 credit hours of classes) in the current semester, including summer term, are eligible to use Student Legal Service. Students who were eligible during the Spring term and who are pre- enrolled for the following fall term are eligible for service during the summer between them.

Purpose of the Student Legal Service

The purpose of the Student Legal Service is to provide:

  1. Preventive legal education,
  2. Legal counseling and advice, and
  3. Preventive legal education,
    • enhance student life and student knowledge of their rights and responsibilities, and
    • positively impact student retention.
Priority is given to landlord-tenant matters and issues that might result in jail time. In-court representation is only available in Champaign County courts. Click the SLS Operation Plan here

Location and Hours

The Student Legal Service is located in the Illini Union (third floor, North wing) in Suite 324-326.

  • Phone: 217–333–9053.
  • Email:
  • URL:
The office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 (noon), and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday throughout the regular academic year and summer sessions. The office is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and University holidays.

The Staff

The staff of the Student Legal Service consists of four full–time attorneys, at least one full–time office support person, one or more work-study students, and sometimes one or more part–time interns who are students in the university’s College of Law and work under the supervision of the attorneys.
The attorneys’ bios are available here

How To Use The Service

  1. Go to: “”

  2. Select: How to Schedule an Appointment(top right corner).
    Select: Submit an intake.
    Select appropriate intake form. Be sure to provide a description of your legal problems so that attorneys can do any necessary research prior to your appointment.
  3. * Once you have successfully submitted the intake, come into the Student Legal Service Check In office, 326 Illini Union, with your i-card and any documentation related to your matter, such as ticket, court documentation, lease, letters, printouts of emails, pictures.
  4. * While you are in the office, you will set up an appointment to come back on a different day to meet with an attorney. Normally you will not have to wait longer than three (3) business days for your appointment.
  5. * In August, 2019, an online appointment scheduling platform is expected to go live. Once it is completed, you will not be required to come into the SLs office prior to the appointment you select. Please forward scans of your related documents to

Attorneys and Their Clients

In discharging their responsibilities at the Student Legal Service, the staff attorneys are subject to professional ethics. The following policies are in accordance with those professional responsibilities:


An attorney is sworn to preserve the confidences of a client. This rule applies equally to those people who work with the attorney.
Information concerning your case will not be released to third parties without your written authorization. There are no exceptions.
You should feel free to discuss openly and candidly all aspects of your problem that you feel may have a bearing on the outcome.

Zealous Representation

The attorney assigned to your case is obligated to represent your interests zealously within the bounds of the law.
At all times, the attorneys at Student Legal Service will exercise independent, professional judgment in assessing the merits of a particular matter and determining whether legal services will be provided to an eligible student in that matter.

If you have a legal problem or anticipate one, give it your early attention. There are no walk-in or same-day appointments. No Legal advice will be given over the telephone or through email. Business may not be conducted with an unknown party. This policy is for the protection of your privacy.

Available Services

  • Landlord—tenant issues (tenant, only; does not include students who are landlords)
  • Traffic tickets, Accident, Insurance (DUI – consultation only)
  • City Ordinance Violation Tickets
  • Certification of photocopies
  • Notarization
  • Misdemeanor charges (Champaign County only)
  • Small Claims
  • Consumer issues
  • Student Discipline hearing (Consultation only)
  • Name Changes
  • Other Miscellaneous issues

Excluded Services

SLS cannot advise or mediate in Student-vs-Student situations. No exceptions. Also:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Business issues, profit or non-profit
  • Claims against or issues with the University of Illinois, its affiliated organizations, or the State of Illinois
  • Contingent Fee Matters, Personal Injury
  • Courtroom Representation outside Champaign County
  • Divorce, Separation, Custody, Child Support, or other Family Law issues
  • Felonies
  • Immigration Issues, including green cards, changing visa status, employment, OPT, Passport, Visa issues
  • Income–Producing activities
  • Real Estate (other than landlord-tenant tenant issues)
  • Tax/Income tax issues
  • Wills or Trusts

Important Phone Numbers & Websites


  • Residence Halls 217-333-7111
  • University Apartments 217-333-5656
  • Certified Housing 217-333-1420
  • Student Code
  • Student Conflict Resolution/Mediation
  • Student Legal Service
  • (Off-Campus Community Living)
  • Community