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Website / Digital

Use this form for edits to existing web pages and apps, creation of new web pages and apps, e-mail templates and newletters, digital signage graphics, web banners and ads, etc.

Print / Publication

Use this form for flyers, brochures, posters, mulit-page publications, branding, advertisements, signage, display boards, promo items and apparel, reprint of existing items, etc.


  • Please submit a request for each project needed.
  • If the work requested is a major new project, please submit your request at least six (6) weeks before the deadline. If the work requested is a smaller project or a revision/update of previous work, the submission deadline of at least six (6) weeks may not apply.
  • If you have more than five (5) attachments, please make a note in the instructions and we will be in contact with the best way to submit the remaining attachments.
  • You must be an employee in one of the following units in order to submit a request: Office of the Dean of Students, Student Assistance Center, Off-Campus Community Living, Student Legal Services, Student Conflict Resolution, Student Success, Inclusion & Belonging, Fraternity & Sorority Affairs, New Student Programs, Office of Minority Student Affairs, Student Engagement, or the Testing Center. Requests from other units may be considered as needed.
  • For IT requests (including printer and desktop support), please visit